Christopher Short is a freelance illustrator /photographer /cinematographer and animator who specializes realistic images for both print and broadcast. Working digitally with 3D-illustration & rendering software, Short has created internationally-recognized work, including many covers for Newsweek, Penguin Publishing, Omni Magazine, Scholastic, Popular Science, The Wall Street Journal, The Village Voice, a series of fully-illustrated books for Readers Digest, game packaging for Activision Value, as well as advertising, design, and trade show illustrations for numerous corporate clients, engineering companies, and architectural firms. In addition, Short's visualizations and animations have been featured on National Geographic Explorer, Fox/Disney, MGM, and Discovery Channel.

Short holds both a BFA and MA in illustration from Syracuse University. He has participated in a number of traveling and group shows, including The Artist and the Baseball Card, My First Wheels, and Whatever It Takes along with his one-man show, In The News, featuring his numerous Newsweek covers. Short has also been represented in shows with both the New York and Los Angeles Society of Illustrators and is an active member of the Society of Illustrators, NYC. Short works in partnership with his wife Lisa L. Cyr, artist, author, and national lecturer.