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"In the sea of times long past,

a raging inferno erupts from the ground beneath, destroying everything that was once familiar.

A deep reservoir of intense fire and exploding molten rock ignites like a blazing beast of burden,

exposing hell’s wrath below. 

In the smoked-filled sky, the turbulent waters thrash and turn, as I struggle to resist the current's mighty pull that lures me deeper into the depths of despair."."

                                                       - Lisa L. Cyr

The Night Fury

6' x 4' x 2”
acrylic & mixed media on panel

Featured in:
Illustrators Journal Magazine
Experimental Painting (North Light Books)
AcrylicWorks2: The Best in Acrylic Painting (North Light Books)
Artist's and Graphic Designer's Market (North Light Books)

Private Collection

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