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Meditations + Explorations

Working in a sketchbook, I experiment, explore and play almost every day. There are happy accidents that begin to happen. Things that I could not have predicted occur. I find that when I let go, I begin to rediscover my creative self. Without fear of mistakes, criticism or pressure to perform, I let the work guide me along a journey of self-discovery and creative enlightenment, illuminating my path forward through the twisted labyrinth of life.

A collection of published books will feature my works created in the Sketchbook Meditation + Exploration weekly get-together: a time to commit to working in the sketchbook, experimenting with process and discussing the Rediscovering Your Creative Self podcast.


BOOK ONE: In the World
              of Dreams & Nightmares

With the constant pressures, demands and distractions of the external world, one can become lost in the dark, an acrid abyss of the mind. Doubt, fear and anxiety are powerful forces, blinding us from our true selves.


The pathway back can only be found through self-expression, looking inward for guidance. Within the creative sanctuary, we are able to cope with personal conflict and the harsh, bitter realities of life: the inner demons that often lurk just below

the surface.

                      Coming Soon!


BOOK TWO: Insights from the                                  Natural World

 The symbiotic, often contradictory, forces of nature become not only catalysts to a higher consciousness but also vehicles in which to communicate with the human spirit, evoking a deeper, cerebral connection.


Within the layers, the work unfolds mystical insights and hidden messages inspired from natural world. Animal totems, emotion-based auras, elemental symbolism, rock and gem energy and the like are explored as ways to infuse layers of meaning into the pictorial landscape. By divulging into the wonders of nature, I become the caterpillar in the midst of transforming into a beautiful butterfly.

                   Coming Soon!


BOOK THREE: Visual Poetry

Compelled to release my thoughts, I open an unexplored page in my journal and begin to write. Through the tattered pages of my mind, I transcend back to a time when the creative spirit reigned in a vast and limitless field of dreams. Words and passages, random thoughts, fragments and hints to more detailed stories begin to arise and I am completely drawn in by the tales that are coming to me unbidden.

Flowing out in a dream-like stream-of-consciousness, a free-spirited mix of the real and the imagined coalesce, creating a reservoir of thought-provoking storytelling and imaginative picture making. 

                   Coming Soon!

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