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Experimental Painting

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Experimental Painting investigates exploratory methodologies, techniques and approaches in mixed-media art. Throughout the highly visual book, many exciting in-depth demonstrations are featured, documenting cutting-edge mixed-media painting processes from concept to final execution. To offer an extensive array of visually-stimulating possibilities for artists to explore, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques are covered in a range of subject matter. Conceptual and thematic approaches include using symbolism, metaphor and allegory, incorporating pluralism and non-linear storytelling, utilizing automatism and freeform painting and employing costuming, props and theatrical settings. Developing works both in multiples and in a series is also included. In addition, special sections on creative exploration detail the playful act of experimentation, utilizing alternative tools, materials and techniques. By delving into the myriad applications of mixed-media painting, the creative process is reignited, opening up a gateway for artistic works to grow and flourish.

To assist artists in venturing out on their own creative path with a unique voice and vision, topics on nurturing the creative spirit within, developing personal content through journalism, embracing a multidisciplinary mindset and creating message-driven art provide insight into the development of an artistic personality. The book closes with a chapter on creative self-promotion, revealing the latest marketing and presentation strategies for the working artist. There is an ever-expanding interest in exploring unconventional processes and approaches to establish aesthetic distinction in the marketplace. For artists that are looking to push their work to a new level, this book will be a valuable resource and an ongoing source for creative inspiration.


With page after page of stimulating possibilities, this book guides you on an uncompromising journey to visually dynamic, conceptually provocative, utterly original art.

Embrace the spirit of creative play, break out of your comfort zone, and take your art to a whole new level. In her follow-up to the popular Art Revolution, Lisa L. Cyr delves deeper into an inspiring range of two and three-dimensional mixed-media techniques. Discover fresh, alternative ways to apply and manipulate painting media, transform surfaces, and create distinctive, message-driven work.















Inside you'll discover:

​A wide array of unconventional tools, materials and processes that help artists blaze their own unique and creative paths.

12 step-by-step demonstrations highlighting specific experimental techniques, including freeform painting, making custom tools, and building dimension into a surface with inlaid boxes.

3 feature demonstrations showing mixed-media processes at play in the creation of original artworks, from concept to completion.

A chapter on creative self-promotion revealing the latest marketing and presentation strategies for the working artist.

Art Revolution


We are currently in the midst of an artistic revolution. No other time has seen such innovation in the way art can be intellectualized, produced and presented into the culture. Artists are breaking from conventional approaches, reexamining the fundamental methodology in which they work. They are becoming much more forward-thinking, almost entrepreneurial, venturing out with a content-driven approach to discover new pathways for their work to flourish and prosper. The traditionally accepted roles of art and the artist are being reinterpreted, reinvented and redefined to embrace a new paradigm, opening the door to a more progressive social consciousness.

Art Revolution is at the forefront in exploring alternative, innovative ways of conceptualizing and creating art that is on the cutting-edge. Throughout the highly visual book, insightful and thought-provoking profiles of leading artists and illustrators accompany stellar, multi-media work. The book also provides insight into the historical influences behind contemporary thinking and approaches, investigating the origins of alternative, unconventional picture making throughout the decades. In addition, exciting splash spreads featuring demonstrations and behind-the-scene looks at groundbreaking artists at work help shed light on signature processes and techniques. There is a rich amalgam of media available to creatives today, offering a wide range of possibilities for exploration and experimentation. Art Revolution reveals how alternative, mixed media aesthetics is uniting the disciplines of two-dimensional, three-dimensional, digital and new media art in inventive combinations. For those wanting to venture outside the norm, the book includes a directory of the manufacturers and suppliers used by the featured artists so that sources for materials, access to health and safety procedures and additional information on unconventional techniques and approaches are easily accessible. For artists that are looking for an edge, wanting to push their work further, this book is a valuable asset and ongoing source for inspiration.

Innovative Promotions that Work

To make their audience stop, look, and listen, creative firms and freelancers need to produce memorable promotions that speak to a prospective client’s needs in unique and innovative ways. Rather than relying on any one venue, creatives should penetrate their target market on many fronts. Image and brand-building initiatives, campaign endeavors, keepsake promotions, publication and newsletter promotions, event invitations, announcements, and greeting cards can all be employed as ways to build and maintain brand awareness, making a long lasting impact with key clients.


For creative professionals, both seasoned and newcomers, Innovative Promotions That Work (Rockport Publishers) shows how to create distinction through promotional initiatives that speak to the marketplace in ways that inspire, motivate, and get response. The book provides valuable insight into the strategy, concept, messaging, and production behind each promotional initiative featured, all accessible in a quick and easy-to-read format. A valuable directory of suppliers and manufacturers assists in the sourcing of unusual materials and innovative processes when venturing outside the norm. Special sidebars on creative inspiration, brainstorming and ideation development, innovative production techniques, and the exploration of entrepreneurial endeavors help creatives stay on top of their game. Whether a creative company is new and embarking on a launch or a seasoned firm looking to maintain or expand their market share, Innovative Promotions That Work can prove to be very effective in assisting creatives in calling attention to what their business has to uniquely offer.


The Art of Promotion


In today’s volatile marketplace, survival is dependent upon the ability to make an impact with key clients. The Art of Promotion (Rockport Publishers) offers innovative ways to create distinction. The author, Lisa L. Cyr, deconstructs a global array of exciting promotions to enable anyone to choose the right option for their budget, ability and market. The addition of insightful technical tips takes the fear out of venturing outside the norm. In addition, many pieces include cost-effective alternatives to achieving high-end effects. The book enables both seasoned and newcomers to confidently employ alternative approaches and techniques. As creatives push the envelope and try new things, the industry evolves and grows as a result.

Inside you'll discover:

Explores innovative production techniques to give any project the edge it needs to standout in the marketplace.

Features the use of unconventional surfaces and printing techniques; unique constructions, folds and die-cuts; interesting bindings, fasteners and wraps; and alternative uses and add-ons.

Provides valuable insight into the process behind a multitude of unconventional techniques.

Technical tips take the risk out of exploring outside the norm while “Do It for Less” sections provide cost-effective alternatives to high-end effects.

Special sidebars offer the latest in strategic approaches and marketing venues that will prove lucrative in the future.

Brochure Design

that Works

Brochure Design That Works (Rockport Publishers) looks at some of the best brochure work being created today. Each project is backed by concrete and practical information, focusing on exactly what makes a particular design work and why it is successful from both a business and design perspective. In this book, the reader is provided with a well thoughtout approach to designing brochures with quick-hit information delivered in a clear and immediate way. Each internationally recognized brochure featured –categories include corporate, institutional, educational and arts and entertainment– is accompanied by concise and informative text, outlining the client brief, creative process and technical details regarding the printing and construction. Special sidebars entitled “One Step Beyond” look further at specific brochures that explore innovative uses of visuals, type, color, production techniques, templates and grids. Professional and amateur designers alike will benefit from the hands-on advice and information offered.


Graphic Design

that Works

Companies hoping to grab a consumer's attention need a memorable, eye-catching design -whether for a logo, an identity system, an in-depth promotional campaign, or for a magazine- that needs to stay fresh and strong month after monthGraphic Design That Works (Rockport Publishers) looks at examples of logos, identities, promotions and magazine design that have proven successful track records. Quick-hit copy explores these designs from early conceptual stages to initial drafts and final execution. Whether you're a seasoned designer or a newcomer to the field, you can understand how and why the design came to be. Also included are tips from the experts who put these designs on the map. They tell what succeeded and what failed in their attempts to create designs that really work!

Graphic Design That Works Cover.jpg

The Little Book of Big Promotions

Designers are always looking to give their work the creative edge required to get noticed in a sea of marketing and promotion. To achieve this, they must be market-savvy, innovative and possess up-to-date production know-how.


The Little Book of Big Promotions (Rockport Publishers) is packed with content that offers creative inspiration. It is loaded with hundreds of design ideas, insight into the creative process and execution and the tools and information needed to make the right production decisions. Project details are highlighted and descriptive text dissects the essential design elements that make each promotion unique and effective.

This book will enable seasoned professionals and less-experienced designers to choose the right options for their job, budget, ability and the market they are trying to reach.


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