SYMBOLISM: Anagrams & Visual Puzzles lecture

Check out my lecture on Symbolism: Anagrams and Visual Puzzles where I discussed artistic concepts using symbolism, anagrams and visual puzzles in my mixed-media, message-driven paintings!

Lecture Description: In the artist’s non-linear, pluralistic approach to storytelling, pictorial elements transcend their graphic posture to undertake multiple roles in the recitation of a tale. Unlike a monolithic presentation of a slice-of life scene, a concept-based, message-driven work presents fragments or hints to a story rather than a literal regurgitation. Sights, sounds, aromatic references and tactile sensations abound, stimulating curiosity and thoughtful observation over time. A rhythmic synthesis of thought-provoking imagery, symbolic iconography and hidden anagrams and visual puzzles creates a breeding ground for the mind. Taken out of their ordinary chronological order, elements are recomposed with an entirely new choreography: one that is much more poetic and symbolic in nature. By challenging the intellect, evoking the senses and igniting the imagination, the viewer is invited to play a cognitive role in the overall messaging, looking deeper into the work to discover the mysteries that lie beneath the surface.

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The interview was originally done in 2009 as research for an artist profile entitled Content-Driven Approach featured in my book Art Revolution: Alternative Approaches for Fine Artists and Illustrator