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Brochure Design That Works (Rockport Publishers) looks at some of the best brochure work being created today. Each project is backed by concrete and practical information, focusing on exactly what makes a particular design work and why it is successful from both a business and design perspective. In this book, the reader is provided with a well thoughtout approach to designing brochures with quick-hit information delivered in a clear and immediate way.Special sidebars entitled “One Step Beyond” look further at specific brochures that explore innovative uses of visuals, type, color, production techniques, templates and grids.


Each internationally recognized brochure featured –categories include corporate, institutional, educational and arts and entertainment– is accompanied by concise and informative text, outlining the client brief, creative process and technical details regarding the printing and construction.

Brochure Design that Works

  • Professional and amateur designers alike will benefit from the hands-on advice and information offered.

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