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To make their audience stop, look, and listen, creative firms and freelancers need to produce memorable promotions that speak to a prospective client’s needs in unique and innovative ways. Rather than relying on any one venue, creatives should penetrate their target market on many fronts. Image and brand-building initiatives, campaign endeavors, keepsake promotions, publication and newsletter promotions, event invitations, announcements, and greeting cards can all be employed as ways to build and maintain brand awareness, making a long lasting impact with key clients.


For creative professionals, both seasoned and newcomers, Innovative Promotions That Work (Rockport Publishers) shows how to create distinction through promotional initiatives that speak to the marketplace in ways that inspire, motivate, and get response. The book provides valuable insight into the strategy, concept, messaging, and production behind each promotional initiative featured, all accessible in a quick and easy-to-read format.


Special sidebars on creative inspiration, brainstorming and ideation development, innovative production techniques, and the exploration of entrepreneurial endeavors help creatives stay on top of their game. Whether a creative company is new and embarking on a launch or a seasoned firm looking to maintain or expand their market share, Innovative Promotions That Work can prove to be very effective in assisting creatives in calling attention to what their business has to uniquely offer.

Innovative Promotions that Work

  • The book also includes a valuable directory of suppliers and manufacturers to assist in the sourcing of unusual materials and innovative processes when venturing outside the norm.

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