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In today’s volatile marketplace, survival is dependent upon the ability to make an impact with key clients. The Art of Promotion (Rockport Publishers) offers innovative ways to create distinction. The author, Lisa L. Cyr, deconstructs a global array of exciting promotions to enable anyone to choose the right option for their budget, ability and market. The addition of insightful technical tips takes the fear out of venturing outside the norm. In addition, many pieces include cost-effective alternatives to achieving high-end effects. The book enables both seasoned and newcomers to confidently employ alternative approaches and techniques. As creatives push the envelope and try new things, the industry evolves and grows as a result.

The Art of Promotion

  • Inside you'll discover:

    Explores innovative production techniques to give any project the edge it needs to standout in the marketplace.

    Features the use of unconventional surfaces and printing techniques; unique constructions, folds and die-cuts; interesting bindings, fasteners and wraps; and alternative uses and add-ons.

    Provides valuable insight into the process behind a multitude of unconventional techniques.

    Technical tips take the risk out of exploring outside the norm while “Do It for Less” sections provide cost-effective alternatives to high-end effects.

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